Shemita garbage
Leftovers of produce which has kedusha must be thrown out into a separate garbage bag than the regular one. Therefore, when you have such leftovers, you should be careful to wrap them up in a bag, and then throw them in the special shemita garbage. You continue to do this for each thing you throw out, and when it’s full it can be taken out to the regular garbage.


Shemita dates
In order to know if a certain fruit or vegetable that you’re buying at the store has kedusha or not at any given time of year, Machon Hatorah VeHaaretz supplies us with a table listing all the information. Important: this table is only needed for fruits and vegetables that in principle might have kedusha (such as Otzar Beit Din), so only those buying produce from Otzar Haaretz need to worry about the dates in the table. However, those buying Heter Mechira, for example, don’t need to worry about this at all.

[Ed: You can see a translation of the table by OU Israel here – Chart of Kedushat Sheviit Dates


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