By Rav Jerry Isenberg, Executive Director, Religious Zionists of Chicago-Mizrachi

Zionists the world over are battling the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement, which advocates the delegitimization of Israel, together with media bias and a general misrepresentation of Israel, with educational initiatives and fact-based programs. Yet the battle is far from over.

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With the encouragement of Israel’s Foreign Ministry, World Mizrachi reached beyond its core Religious Zionist focus on Aliya promotion, education, social programming and advocacy activities, to create a new, effective response: Stayin’ Alive.  Developed by some of Israel’s top comedy writers, Stayin’ Alive is a hard-hitting live show that helps set the record straight, utilizing satire, humor and music to explain Israel’s point of view.


Recently performed to a sold-out audience of over 200 at the Religious Zionists of Chicago Bet Café, Stayin Alive generated extremely positive feedback:

“The excitement was infectious and it seemed that literally everyone had a wonderful time.”

“Stayin’ Alive was a hit! Fantastic!”

“The show was really different and thought provoking.”

“I took my 17-year-old daughter to the RZC event. She absolutely loved it!  She was laughing so hard throughout all the skits.”

“An entirely great and enjoyable evening.”

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Mizrachi is proud to present this relevant, uplifting and entertaining satirical show, which shines the glaring light of satire on the BDS movement’s misleading comparisons and deceptive assertions. For more information, including how you can bring this show to your community, contact Rabbi Hillel van Leeuwen at

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