In NY Daily News, an article by David Pollock highlighted some unusual poll results of a recent study in the opinions of Palestinians:

[O]n the controversial issue of moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, the Palestinian public is less militant than its leaders. In the West Bank, amazingly, the majority (56%) say this issue is “not so important” or even “not important at all.”…

Moreover, Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza continue to prioritize their personal lives over politics. Among West Bankers, 49% pick “having a good family life” as their top priority, followed by “making enough income to live comfortably” with 30%; just 12% pick “working to establish a Palestinian state.” In Gaza, too, family comes first, with 40%; income and state-building tie for second place there, at approximately 25% each.

Although some of the other statistics were not so positive – “the percentage who say that “Jews have some rights to this land” is only in the single digits” – nonetheless, claims often made about the opinions of those Arabs living in the West Bank and Gaza are not always as clear-cut as they may seem.

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