Following last week’s terror attack and subsequent placing of security measures around the Temple Mount, tensions were raised significantly when 3 members of a family were murdered on Friday night in Halamish by a terrorist.

This painful act of terror occurred as the family were gathering to celebrate the birth of a baby. The wife of one of the victims ushered her children upstairs to safety, and told her story (in Hebrew):

Here’s what Deputy Minister Tzipi Hotovely had to say about the Temple Mount tensions when she visited the site of the attack:

But the international media seemed to be having a hard time in telling the truth – equating, instead, the deaths of Arab rioters hurling molotov cocktails with those innocent members of the Salomon family murdered at their Shabbat table. HonestReporting created this excellent video summing up what has been going on:

In spite of Israel’s removal of the metal detectors, that were supposedly causing the Muslims to refuse to pass through them, the Muslim worshippers continued to pray outside the Temple Mount:

Meanwhile, London-based Jeff Gross wrote this excellent piece on the issue comparing the Temple Mount situation with the London attacks earlier this year:

BDS activists: “How dare Israel boycott us!”

Finally, in unrelated news, BDS activists were prevented from flying to Israel and then complained about Israel not allowing them to enter the country?!

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