Sadly, terror is once again rearing its ugly head in Israel.

Yesterday, there were 3 separate attacks across the country, injuring several and leaving one American tourist dead.

As they are accustomed, though, some of the international press thought they would be better to highlight the terrorists’ demise rather than focus on their victims!

As StandWithUs reported on Facebook, some of the wonderfully worded headlines included:

“Three Palestinians Shot Dead by Israeli Security Forces”
“Three Palestinians Shot Dead as US Vice President Joe Biden Arrives for Talks”
“‘Terrorist’ kills US Tourist, Injures 10 in Israel…”


How did the international press report today’s terror attacks against Israelis that left 1 dead and 14 injured? Let’s…

Posted by StandWithUs on Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Then, one of these attacks – the fatal stabbing attack in Jaffa – were reported on the official Palestinian Authority TV channel. PA TV reported that a “martyr” carried out “a complex operation in which 12 settlers were wounded”. That’s right. “Settlers”. In Jaffa.

It’s hard to believe – but it’s true! Watch below:


PA TV on Jaffa Stabbing: “Martyr” Killed One U.S. Tourist, Wounded 12 “Settlers”. To view this video-clip on the MEMRI TV website, go to: official Palestinian Authority TV channel, reporting on the March 8 Jaffa stabbing attack, said that the “martyr” had carried out “a complex operation in which 12 settlers were wounded” and that “one of them, according to Hebrew sources, was an American tourist, who was killed.”

Posted by The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) on Tuesday, 8 March 2016

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