Last week, thousands of well-wishers joined the wedding of Ariel and Sara Biegel in Jerusalem.

Sara’s father and brother were murdered as they were on their way to celebrate the weekend prior to the wedding, which was then postponed while Sara sat shiva. 

Upon finishing the shiva week of mourning, Sara and Ariel decided to continue with their wedding plans for the following week, and to invite all of Am Yisrael to join them. “From the family’s mourning which became national mourning, we arise to dance and rejoice at the wedding of Ariel and Sara Techiya. All are invited at 10:30pm.”

Thousands joined the couple from Israel and all over the world.

In the following report by journalist Sivan Rahav-Meir, she interviews the couple a few days later.

Watch the amazing report (in Hebrew) with incredible, moving scenes from the wedding:


בשמונה בערב ביום חמישי שידרתי מהחופה של אריאל ושרה ביגל ואז הלכתי משם. לקראת חצות צלצלו אליי אנשים שהיו בבנייני האומה להגיד שהאירוע האמיתי מתרחש עכשיו. אז הנה התמונות שקצת קשה לתאר במילים (וגם ראיון עם הזוג, שעוד המום מכך שלמעלה מעשרת אלפים איש שהם לא מכירים הגיעו לחתונתם):

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