Following the Fatah-Hamas Unity deal this week in Doha, Economy Minister Naftali Bennet penned an Op/Ed piece in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal where he reiterated his plan to bring peace to the region.  Bennett calls his proposal the “Stability Plan”.  His plan calls for Palestinian sovereignty over Areas A and B of the west bank while Israel will annex 60% of Judea and Sameria.
In order to achieve this, Bennett wrote: “ Israel must allow Palestinians complete freedom of movement” meaning “Israel should dismantle the security barrier” separating the West Bank from Israel proper.
“Annexing Area C would limit conflict by reducing the size of the territory in dispute, which would make it easier to one day reach a long-term peace agreement,” Bennett wrote.
Bennett’s plan calls for promoting Palestinian economic development in those areas of the Judea and Sameria was of the utmost importance, detailing Israeli efforts to help encourage international investment in the Palestinian economy with insurance guarantees and tax breaks.
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