Every year, several music videos with a Pesach theme are released.

But which are the best?

We have selected our top 5 of the 2017 / 5777 releases.


5. Y-Studs – La La Passover

Based on the opening number from the 2016 acclaimed musical film “La La Land”, the Y-Studs – based out of Yeshiva University – present this upbeat number with a great video production.

4. Aish.com – Passover: I’m in Love with the Taste of You

With a medley of Pesach cover songs ranging from R&B to pop, mixed with clips from throughout Jewish and Israeli history, this is a great video to get you in the mood for the Seder!

3. Underdos – Cocus (Coconut)

For the Hebrew speakers among you, Underdos present their latest funny music video based on the hit Israeli pop song “Zahav”, praising the yearly appearance of coconut macaroons.

2. Maccabeats – Mah Nishtanah

EVERYONE knows Mah Nishtanah, and everyone has heard of the Maccabeats. Their unique version of the classic song from the Haggadah will get you – and your kids – ready for action at the Seder!

1. Six13 – Seder Crew (2017 Passover Jam)

This year’s winning music video is Six13’s brilliant cover of Ed Sheeran’s blockbuster “Shape of You”. The lyrics are amazing – check them out:

Feelin’ love from my Seder Crew
Gonna rock out to Dayenu
Chad Gadya and Adir Hu
Next year in Yerushalayim
Tonight, family fills the room
And the kitchen smells like soup

And the video is great fun, funny – and the music is awesome!!

Chag Kasher VeSameach!!

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