On their 20th anniversary, Torah MiTzion has received the prestigious Jerusalem Prize! This week, Torah MiTzion were honored to receive the award, during the 13th Jerusalem Conference, presented by the Minister of Education, Naftali Bennett and Chief Executive of World Mizrachi, Rav Doron Perez.

“For her inspiring work strengthening ties between Jewish communities abroad with the Torah of Israel and the Land of Israel, and for the establishment of centers of Torah and empowering young leadership”.

Rabbi Yitzchak Neriya, Chairman and Zeev Schwartz, Executive Director, accepted the award on behalf of the organization.

In the words of Zeev Schwartz: “During the past two decades Torah MiTzion has created revolution in the mindset in Israel and abroad about the value and impact of Beit Midrash learning and fieldwork. Our shlichim and shlichot are educators and Torah scholars who serve as outstanding models of Religious Zionism. Chutz LaAretz is not only a tourist destination, but rather a community of our brothers with whom we have to build a living bridge. The Jerusalem Prize is a significant milestone that reflects the combination of forces of community leaders and volunteers, amazing shlichim that rally to the flag, supportive educational institutions and organizations, donors who hold up the world of Torah and an excellent team that works with great dedication, all of whom work together for our brothers and friends.”

You can watch their award here:


ברגעים אלו הוענק לתורה מציון פרס ירושלים. מזל טוב!

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