Over 300 people attended two Shlichut fairs last week, held by the newly formed Religious Zionist Shlichut Center. The fairs, one of which was in Tzfira and one in Jerusalem, were meant for families and singles who wanted to learn more about the world of Shlichut and the different organizations that send Shlichim abroad.

Both nights ended with a fair where attendees could learn more about each organization and begin the application process. At the fair, the following organizations and programs were represented: World Bnei Akiva, Torah MiTzion, Lavi Olami, World Zionist Organization, Jewish Agency, Ministry of Education, Strauss-Amiel, Manhigut Toranit and our own program, Shalhevet.

The fairs were very well received with many potential shlichim, and a real buzz has been created in the Religious Zionist community around the idea of going on Shlichut to Diaspora communities.

The fairs were initiated and organized by World Mizrachi and by Ohad Tal, the head of The Religious Zionist Shlichut Center, a joint project of World Mizrachi, Torah MiTzion and World Bnei Akiva.

If you would like to contact The Religious Zionist Shlichut Center, feel free to email info@shlichut.net.

תודה סופי

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