The High Level Military Group (HLMG), which consists of retired generals and defence experts from around the world, strongly criticized the United Nations’ report on the 2014 Gaza conflict saying that it was compiled too quickly and by the wrong people.

As reported by Times of Israel:

The HLMG, which includes, the former chairman of the NATO military committee, the former chief of staff of the Italian army, a former US ambassador-at-large on war crimes and the former director-general of the Indian Defense Intelligence Agency, was formed by the Friends of Israel Initiative, a group created by former Spanish Prime Minister José María Aznar in 2010 to fight an “unprecedented campaign of deligitimation against Israel.”

The UN and NGO reports were investigated by human rights experts, and not military personnel who are most familiar with the laws of armed conflict. Without that expertise, the commissions investigating the 2014 Operation Protective Edge arrived at biased and inaccurate conclusions, [Colonel Richard] Kemp said.

They also took issue with the numbers of civilian casualties cited, and praised the extent to which the IDF went to avoid civilian casualties. This report takes aim at the libelous claims of the UN Report which was holding Israel to a higher standard than any other army across the world, including the coalition forces in Syria and Iraq.

We already know Col. Kemp has lauded the IDF as a very moral and ethical army, perhaps the most ever in a combat situation.

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