No, you did NOT misread that headline.

The BBC recently gave a report where it mentions Israel, and it was surprisingly positive!

At the end of last month, the north east of the UK was badly affected by severe storms which led to flooding in many low lying areas.

The Israeli NGO IsraAid, which sends teams across the world to areas that have been affected by natural disasters – in recent years to places such as Japan, Nepal, Haiti – sent a team to assist the residents and business owners in the North East of England.

When the BBC reported on the work of Israid, most people associated with Israel have been shocked that it actually portrays the Israelis in quite a positive light!

Watch the shocking (in a good way!) clip below:


BRILLIANT, BRILLIANT, BRILLIANT:FULL REPORT:BBC Look North (Yorkshire) reporting on the work of Israeli NGO IsraAid in helping with the flood relief efforts in the North of England…..

Posted by Sussex Friends Of Israel on Saturday, 9 January 2016

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