This video has been going around the Arab world, and has gone viral.

It depicts a young man who follows 2 “Jews” and stabs them.

The images are very strong – including showing one of the “Jews” dead in his blood-stained tallit, in echoes of the murder in the Har Nof shul last year.

The video below, posted by an Israeli writer and media commentator, has already been viewed 850,000 times at the time of publish – and needs to be seen by more people across the world to understand the propaganda that Israel is working against daily!

Watch below, and share!


הסתה מזעזעת: צפו בסרטון ויראלי שמופץ בשעות האחרונות בעזה “כך תרצחו יהודים”תייגו ושתפו. שכולם יראו את המציאות העצובה הזאת.

Posted by ‎עומרי חיון – פורטל חדשות הטלוויזיה והאינטרנט‎ on Tuesday, 6 October 2015

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