Bangladesh is a majority Muslim country which has no international ties, and in fact, does not recognize Israel.

As a result, Bangladesh passport holders are banned from entering Israel.

However, one Bangladeshi has managed to get to Israel.

In the following video, he tells his story about how he was brought up to hate Israel, but over the years learnt more about Israel and how he was fed so many lies about the Jewish state. Now, he not only teaches fellow Muslims the truth about Israel, but calls upon all of us to stand up for Israel.

Watch his amazing story below:

the first Bangladeshi to visit Israel

I am the first Bangladeshi to visit Israel

Posted by StandWithUs UK on Tuesday, August 29, 2017

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  1. […] She asked to be allowed to continue to speak, which she had the right to do, but was denied that right by the Bangladeshi chair of the meeting – you may recall that Bangladesh doesn’t recognize Israel. […]

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