Elisha Levy, a lone IDF soldier originally from London, recently returned to visit the UK.

Prior to his move to Israel, he was working at a school for special needs students.

Now, back visiting the UK, he decided to pay his former students, with whom he had grown very close, a visit.

In Elisha’s words:

After a year and a half away from England I decided to surprise a very close and special friend….his first words were “is moshiach here then?” As I had explained I was going to fight a war to bring moshiach!

Watch the emotional reunion below:


An incredible video that will brighten your day! This Israeli soldier, Elisha, left his home in England to serve the Jewish state. Before his heroic move, he worked at a school for special needs where he grew close to many students, forming friendships while helping them learn. Elisha decided to surprise his students upon his return to England. Watch the heartwarming reunion below!

Posted by StandWithUs on Thursday, 17 December 2015

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