Jan Koum, founder of the messaging app WhatsApp, commented on a post by the pro-Israel advocacy organization, StandWithUs, about BDS.

StandWithUs posted a photo of a laptop with a Boycott Israel sticker on with a note on it:

“Hi there! Just thought you should know the flash-storage inside this computer was designed and built by Anobit, an Israeli technology company! If you don’t want it any more, please pass it to the desk behind you.”

After posting this, Koum responded with simply one word: “priceless”.

StandWithUs Israel Director Michael Dickson told the Jerusalem Post: “It’s great that we were able to reach these people and they’re willing to come out and make a statement – these days a statement can be a [Facebook] like, a share or a comment. In the case of the WhatsApp founder, he’s basically making a statement against BDS.

“Sometimes one word is all it takes.”

 jan koum priceless
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