A reservist IDF soldier spoke to a group from abroad in Israel, giving an impassioned speech about his work, terror and the State of Israel – the home for all Jews.

He tells of his experiences of being rushed from his home on Shabbat to attend a terror attack, and how he feel that Jews – wherever they may be – should always feel safe. That soldiers who protect them, do so in order that they can feel safe wherever they may be – whether in a coffee shop or in a synagogue.

Just that they should feel safe. In their home. Wherever they are. Especially in the home of the Jewish people – the State of Israel.

Watch his amazing speech here:


שבת שלום ללוחמינו המלאכים שפועלים בחירוף נפש למען ביטחון המדינה#הסברה לייק לבאזזנט ומעודכנים

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