Last year, at the prestigious Oxford University’s Union, there was a debate entitled: “Hamas is a Greater Obstacle to Peace Than Israel”.

Dennis Prager was invited to the debate and was initially surprised – how is this even a question?! Of course Hamas is a greater obstacle! Why is this even a debate?!

In this post, Prager describes what transpired:

Oxford University is the most prestigious university in the world. And the Oxford Union, hosting debates since 1823, is the world’s most prestigious stage for competing ideas.

These facts made what transpired all the more depressing.

The proposition debated was: “Hamas is a greater obstacle to peace than Israel.”

When first apprised of the topic, I was so certain that an error had been made that I called both my debating partner, Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, and Oxford to confirm it. Outside of the Muslim world and the far left, who would even think to argue that Hamas is not the greater obstacle to peace?

Is the Oxford Union unaware that the Hamas charter calls for, indeed the raison detre of Hamas is, the destruction of Israel and replacing it with an Islamic state?

Yet, the proposition lost by a vote of 190 to 130, give or take a few votes. In other words, a majority of Oxford University students voting at the Oxford Union deem Israel a greater threat than Hamas.

You can watch the video of Prager presenting here:

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