At the funeral of murdered IDF soldier, Ziv Mizrachi, his father gave an impassioned speech.

Ziv’s paternal uncle was murdered in a suicide bombing attack on Cafe Hillel in Jerusalem in 2003. He was the security guard and struggled with the terrorist as he was trying to enter the cafe.

Likewise, even after Ziv was stabbed, he managed to shoot the terrorist and save his officer’s life.

Watch the moving video:


HEARTBREAKING VIDEO: A grieving father has a message for the Palestinian terrorists who murdered his brother and son: “You won’t break us. This is our country and we will fight to the end. The people of Israel live.”Our thoughts and prayers are with the Mizrahi family as they mourn the tragic loss of their son Ziv — murdered yesterday by Palestinian terrorists.Via: חדשות כיכר השבת

Posted by The Israel Project on Tuesday, 24 November 2015

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